After-sales service
After-sales service

ONN after-sales service commitment


Dear customer:

       Thank you very much for your purchase and use ONN products, in order to protect the lawful rights and interests of you avoid the trouble back at home that except you, to you the following service commitment, and when you need to provide:

The mobile phone after-sales service details:

       1.Within the territory of the People's Republic of China legal purchase's mobile phone, and within 7 days from the date of sale (in a formal purchase invoice or receipt shall prevail, if cannot provide, to the fuselage serial number production date, the host machine of the provisions of the state (mobile phone product performance fault table) listed on the performance of fault, consumers can choose to return, exchange or repair:

       2.On February 15, replacement, since the date of sold 8 to 15 days, the host machine of the provisions of the state (mobile phone product performance fault table) listed in the performance of fault, consumers can choose a replacement or repair:

       3.When upgrade is complete, correct and true to fill in your mobile phone ONN the warranty certificate And ask for more effective upgrade invoice properly kept:

      4.Effective upgrade invoice: mobile phones and the fuselage string has to be marked on the invoice number (IMEI number, disconnect the battery, the phone back as 15 number), accessories (battery and charger, etc.) of the factory serial number (lot number), product model, the sales date, seller seal, amount, etc:

      5.Headset, USB cable, instruction manual and other accessories please confirm clear, when buying batteries from the date of the cost, 3 packets of period of validity is 6 months: charger, charging for a year: headphones cable for 3 months。

To protect the legitimate rights and interests of you, please pay attention to the following information

     1. Your valid warranty service is limited to the normal conditions of use, all thought that damage and belongs to one of the following situations of mobile telephone products, no guarantees, but charging can be repaired:

     A.More than 3 packets of validity

     B.Damage caused by human factors, including abnormal operating conditions used, not according to the instruction manual use caused damage, etc

     C.The user to tear open, repair, modification or via the coinsurance unit maintenance of the company:

     D.Force majeure (such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, etc) damage:

     E.No product warranty card and valid purchase vouchers, or the product model, discrepant bar code or alter:

     F.No product warranty card and valid purchase vouchers, or the product model, discrepant bar code or alter:

     G.The company and maintenance label (fragile stickers) damage:


     a.Appearance damage (wear and scratches, etc.) will not enjoy the return service:

     b.Due to the network, the wireless information service providers (operators) caused by the fault is beyond the scope of the warranty:

     c.Seller oral promise, beyond the provisions of this card warranty, the principle of will not be providing services:

     d.Conform to the replacement of the product, you can exchange the coinsurance points near to my company, exchange, the host has fault, the free replacement of the company with specifications, the same host: accessories have fault, replacement parts for free:

     e.All during the warranty period be replaced parts, spare parts and accessories such as owned by our company。

Matters needing attention during repair the machine:

     1. Consumers in ONN the warranty certificate user when repairing single use regular script, must fill in the user's name, contact phone number, failure phenomenon, for testing or maintenance, and other content, I goalkeeper to users according to fill in the content of judgment and processing。

      2.Please before repairing the machine, first important information will be stored in the phone and phone book record and delete, in order to avoid lost or leaked after-sales service center and its staff are not bear for you to backup or restore the responsibility and obligation of information and data, at the same time, do not assume because of the loss of the information and data damage or leaks cause any consequences。

      3.Fetch the machine by machine If you fetch the machine is missing, you must take id card or valid documents to take to deal with formalities of report the loss of machine, 7 working days before a id card get machine。

Note: the above services to the mobile phone have the final explanation right。





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